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Best payment terms 20/80

Axis Development Company stands out in the market for its innovations.

The company has developed a different payment model, which takes into consideration consumer’s requirements and makes its product most accessible.

According to the new terms – 20/80, after choosing an apartment, you pay only 20% of its cost, and the rest 80% - upon starting of interior work in the apartment.  

In the process of construction, a future resident has not to pay any additional expenses, which is rather advantageous.  

Payment terms – 20/80 are profitable and interesting, if:

  • You have savings enough to cover only 20% of the cost, at the moment of payment of the rest 80%, condition of the apartment allows you to get a mortgage loan secured by this apartment.

  or  Before payment of the rest 80%, you may plan selling of your present dwelling, move into the new apartment with completed interior work and improve your living conditions.   

  • If you do not have savings, instead of taking loan for covering an entire cost of the apartment, you may take loan for covering only 20% of the cost, and the rest 80% may be covered by the mortgage loan secured by the new apartment.

It should be noted that if you cannot pay the rest 80% due to unforeseen circumstances, we give you opportunity to resell your 20% share, which increases in the process of interior work.