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What we do

Many challenges related to the development of the country appeared in the post-soviet period and space. “Axis” was one of the first companies, which took up these challenges and became a pioneer in this field, as well as an initiator of the development of various branches. The company brought a completely new approach of modern architecture, management and service. Its activity promoted development of new spheres of business, thus contributing in the economic development of the country.


The company was founded in 1998. It was the period when the first terrace residential house was built in Georgia. Since that time “Axis” has been associated with innovation and priority. It has become a locomotive in its field and a development company, which introduced the standard into the market. The company was the first to bring in the concept of “development “ to Georgia, to begin series of the first “palaces” with a unique service and to build the first twin-skyscrapers “Axis Towers” in Georgia. Our projects are distinguished for their scale, diversity, innovative approach, modern architecture and, first and foremost, for their quality, due to which consumers choose “Axis”.  


How we do it

The main factor of our success, apart from the high-quality material and innovative technology, is out team, which is involved in various stages of the product creation. During the period of its existence, “Axis” has trained generations of professionals. Its main asset is commitment, knowledge and experience. The organization combines 9 departments: architectural, engineering, construction, design, project management, financial, legal, sales and service, and marketing. For many years “Axis” team serves the common idea with general values: quality, innovation, development. The organizational structure of “Axis” is unique due to various development branches, which are united around one developer. After receiving of the final product, each member of the staff feels his (her) important role in the process of development.   

Why we do it

Our objective is to develop the environment, which will improve the quality of our life. The team of the company is united around this basic idea. We try to create the product, which will introduce a completely new standard of the lifestyle in Georgia.