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Block 3
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Description of the project

Axis at the hippodrome is a three-block residential complex with modern and unique architecture, which makes it standout among other buildings. Particularly different is the second block, which resembles a sculpture. Facing the facade with white" Aqua panel", which is an absolutely new technology, made the structure light and stable. Partial insulation of the facade is carried out with rockwool. The facade of the first block is covered with white marble.

Glass balconies, huge stained glass windows, large terraces make the apartments full of light. It is important that each apartment has a terrace outlooking the former hippodrome.

“Axis at the hippodrome” is an innovative complex with a unique location, where everything is designed for your comfort. The proximity to the former hippodrome creates a natural recreational area around the complex. Here you can get away from the city noise and relax at any time.


 Advantages of the project

  • Entirely renovated apartments
  • Location
  • Large terraces

The project offers entirely renovated apartments.

Block I - 10 floors. On the ground floor there are commercial premises. Apartments are located on nine floors.

Parking for 25 cars is located on -1 underground floor and on the territory in front of the building.

Construction was completed in 2013.

Block III - 21 floors. The ground floor is allocated for commercial area. Apartments are located on 20 floors.

Parking will be arranged on the -1 underground floor.

Construction was completed in 2017.

Block IV - 22 floors. On the ground floor there are commercial premises, and 21 floors are occupied by apartments.

Parking area is on the -1 underground floor.

Construction is complete.

Blocks II and III have an interconnected shared parking lot for 78 cars.



Axis takes care of you and creates the most comfortable environment for you. We introduce a partner company, which provides the following services:

  • Concierge
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Lighting of the complex
  • Elevator service
  • Management of the building systems
  • Maintenance service
  • Communication with third parties and protection of the interests of the house
  • Continuous improvement of infrastructure and conditions



Kartozia Street 6.

Proximity to the new highway connecting Vake-Saburtalo allows easy and fast access to three districts of the city. This complex is unique for its space and panoramic views, which are not typical for densely populated Saburtalo district.


Ipodromi 3

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