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Block 4
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Project description

A unique project in the prestigious location, with ecological environment and beautiful view, where owing to incredibly large verandas, the company has created a summer space – “a yard in your apartment” overlooking Vake Park and Mikheil Meskhi stadium.

At the expense of its own territory, Axis is planning to expand the road from 5 meters up to 11 meters from the side of Khabeishvili street, and yields 1500 sq. meters of its own territory to the city.  

Axis maintains the natural recreational space and develops the courtyard.

The residential complex consists of four blocks, two of which are skyscrapers. Despite its dimensions, the building looks light and laconic due to high stained-glass windows and glass façade.

If you wish to enjoy modern lifestyle and live in the house, which brings future to the city – then “Chavchavadze 49” is the place, which you are looking for. 

Advantages of the project:

  • Location  
  • View            
  • Ecology
  • Verandas
  • Architecture
  • Modern technologies
  • Concierge



 “Axis Chavchavadze 49” is located on Chavchavadze avenue, near Vake Park and turn to the Turtle lake. Good ecological environment is ensured by coniferous trees and fresh air coming from Tskneti.


Modern technologies

The façade of the building is decorated with SAPAGROUP silicon stained-glass windows, and doors and windows, as well as Sliding system.

  • The building is coated with Caparol heat-insulating material.  
  • The roof is insulated with light concrete of polystyrene cement, which is an innovative method and increases power efficiency of the project.  
  • Hydro-insulation of the roof is performed with ALCHIMICA layer, by seamless polyurethane membrane.  
  • Interior walls are faced with Saint Gobain sound- and heat-insulating material.
  • WAVIN sound-absorbing pipes are used for sewerage system.   


Axis takes care of you and creates maximum comfortable atmosphere. We introduce the partner-company, which provides with the following services:  


  • Concierge
  • Janitor service
  • Security guards
  • Illumination of the entrance hallway
  • Elevators
  • Management of the systems of the building
  • Technical maintenance
  • Communication with the third party and safeguarding interests of the building
  • Regular improvement of infrastructure and conditions

I block

The first floor of the 29-storey building is taken up by commercial space, and 28 floors – by apartments. Construction will be completed by the end of 2020.

  • 3 floors under ground are arranged for parking
  • Central heating system with individual counters
  • Power-efficient building with modern technologies
  • Smart house system – fits you individually
  • 2 MITSUBISHI big size express elevators equipped with group system.


This is your best investment!
We offer you the brokerage service,
our partners will help you to let your apartment


II block – construction of the 17-storey building was completed.

III block – construction of the 17-storey block will be completed in summer of 2018.

IV block – construction of the 25-storey block  was completed.                      

Chavchavadze 49,  block III


  • You may receive a mortgage loan from any bank


Chavchavadze 49,  block I


  • 30/70 – pay 30% of the cost in advance, and 70% - upon starting of the interior work in the apartment  
  • 15% discount – in case of single payment