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Overview of previous years

 Years of experience, innovative approach and introduction of high standards of construction, those are the key components that distinguish the company “Axis” on the local market. 

“Axis” is counting 18 years since the start of operations.  During this period the company constructed of 38 multistory residential houses and is planning to complete 15 ongoing and new projects in 2017-2018.

“Axis” is the only large development company in Georgia that overcame the crisis of the real estate development market and is still maintaining leading position in the post crisis period.


The portfolio of the company can be divided into three main categories: projects implemented till 2008, post crisis projects and new projects.

Till the crisis of 2008  the company constructed 18multistory residential houses in 10 different locations:

  • Petriashvili 28 (1 block)
  • Petriashvili 25 (3 blocks)
  • Arakishvili 14 (1 block)
  • Arakishvili16 (1 block)
  • Tamarashvili13 (3 blocks)
  • Mtskheta 17 (1 block)
  • Kazbegi 24 (8 blocks)

 In the post crisis period construction ofmultistory residential houses was completed in 8 different locations:

  • Sairme Palace (1 block)
  • Kedia10 (1 block)
  • Abashidze 34/36 (2 blocks)
  • Chavchavadze 75 (2 blocks)
  • Chavchavadze 49 (1 block)
  • Kartozia 6 (2 blocks)
  • Palace 1 (7 blocks)
  • Palace 2 (4 blocks)    


The company clearly realizes the commitments that it has undertaken in regard to its clients and since the beginning of difficult times is gradually and steadily implementing all its obligations.

 In relation to the  post crisis period constructions in 2017-2018 Axis will satisfy its customers on  the same conditions and shall offer improved infrastructure:

Year  2017

  • Kedia 10 (2 blocks)
  • Palace 1 (I and VI blocks)
  • Palace 2 (IV and VI blocks)

Year 2018

  • Palace 1 (VII block)
  • Sairme Palace (II block)

The year 2016 was exceptional as the company is proud of the year’s best project - Axis Towers, the construction of which has resumed in 2015 in partnership with the “Georgian Co-investment Fund”. The construction complex consists of 41 floors, 37 of which are located above the ground and 4 of them underground. The height of the building is almost 147 meters. Five directions of development are combined in Axis Towers: residential, office, five star hotel Pullman, commercial and recreation, and entertainments. Construction of Axis Towers will finish in 2017 and the hotel will open in 2018.

In 2017-2018 Axis will implement several interesting projects, including:

  • Trade Center “Axis Palace”, where the branch of one of the biggest operating supermarkets will be represented together with 10 000 Sqm parking.
  • Unprecedented service in Georgia “concierge service” will be introduced in almost all the projects of the company.
  • The company will finish the construction at Kartozia 6 (III blocks), Chavchavadze 49 (III and IV blocks)
  • The project at Tsinamdzghvrishvili 125 (I and II blocks)

For Axis is especially important to start the construction of the project “Sairme Palace”, that will resume in January of this year. It was the last suspended project, and after resuming of construction works the company shall complete fulfilling of all commitments of previous years and by the fall of 2018 will fully satisfy its customers with improved conditions and infrastructure!